Monday, October 05, 2009


More images from a Girl's Night Out session with some friends. I can't say enough good things about these women. We have the best time when we go out and really value the time we get to spend together. We are there for each other to listen, to give advice and most importantly, to laugh. :) You are all beautiful!

Stefanie is so sweet and caring to everyone.

Lori has the best laugh in the world and she can whip out some multi-syllable words like nobody's business! She makes me smile.

Shelley has a spunky attitude that we all love.

Sandy is so laid back and kind. It's relaxing just to be around her.

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mama j said...

What GREAT photos Beth--I keep meaning to tell you that I had seen them on Sandy and Stef's FB--you did a magnificent job in capturing THEM for who they are...and I totally "LOL"ed at your descript of Lori!!!

Your "new" banner w/ the orange is AWESOME.....have been meaning to come here and see if you had new stuff up--it's been awhile. I love your photography and find it inspiring!