Saturday, October 18, 2008


The All Faiths Food Bank will be holding "Bowls of Hope" - their annual soup tasting event on Sunday, November 9, 2008 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Phillippi Estate Park. For a donation of $25 you get to take home a handmade bowl and will receive three soup tastings, a beverage, bread, pastries and cookies.

My husband, son and I attended this event last year for the first time. What a great way to get outside, try out some of the different food from local vendors and support a great cause.

All Faiths Food Bank provides food for 9,200 meals daily. That's a lot of people without food. Money is tight these days, but I urge you to please consider those in need by attending this event. I hope to see you there!

Too stinkin' cute!

Our good friends and their little girl just came down for a visit. She is just so cute I can't stand it! I kept saying that the whole time they were here. She was soooo good about letting us dress her up in clothes that were way too hot for the 90 degrees that it still is outside. We had fans going to keep her and us cool. The images I got were so worth the sweat though!

This outfit is from The Children's Place. Too stinkin' cute! :)

She absolutely loves Elmo right now. Every time she sees him she starts to make these hysterical faces. Cracks me up every time I see it.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

isn't she lovely?

I took portraits of this little girl six years ago and she was a beautiful baby.

Look at the beautiful little girl she has become...

She had no interest whatsoever in eating this lollipop and that was fine by me. She started to wonder if we were ever going to stop playing hide-and-seek behind it though. :)

Dad got a laugh out of her towards the end of the session.

She was happy to do anything I suggested. Wanna' blow bubbles? Sure. Wanna' do the hoola hoop? Sure. Wanna' sit here on the hard rocks near this viney plant? Not so much - but she did it anyway.This is an extra long sneak peek for mom, who has been patiently waiting to see these images. :)