Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Egner Family

This family is a friend of a friend from Minnesota. They come down to Sarasota every year on their vacation and have a family portrait taken. Curt and Allison are a joy to work with. Their little girl has the cutest chubba lubba cheeks! You just want to squeeze them!

The Stoneburner Family

The Stoneburners are awesome. Jon is super laid back, Amanda is hysterically funny and Drew is a doll. I've had the privilege of photographing Drew several times and it's so much fun each time. He has the best facial expressions. I love that they were able to have their portrait taken in their own community. How neat is that!?

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Brooks Family

I finally got to photograph this wonderful family after several months of schedule juggling. We had a really nice evening at the beach for their portrait. The weather was beautiful, the red tide was...smelly. :>) It was a treat working with them.

Pumpkin Patch Portraits

The annual Pumpkin Patch portraits turned out great this year! Cute kids, cute set. What fun!