Sunday, July 25, 2010

After the Rain…

Last night we went for a short bike ride following some afternoon storms. We headed out as a family, but the beautiful light and the amount of wildlife activity was amazing, so I had to turn around and grab my camera. 

The little guy above was right outside of our garage door. He was SUPER DUPER tiny. Not too fond of the paparazzi either. :) Most of the animals were a little camera shy last night. 

I will try to post more images from my bike safari soon…

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


My son and I made these deeee-licous Raspberry Swirl cupcakes today. Here's the link to the recipe at Eating Well.

Obviously, they take longer than cupcakes out of a box. I like to think of them as the "healthy" alternative to box cupcakes - even though there isn't such a thing as a healthy cupcake. The part that got me was making the raspberry puree. Pushing smashed raspberries through a strainer to get rid of the seeds is a bit more time consuming than I had hoped for. But I think the end result was worth the extra pain and effort. Sounds like childbirth instead of cooking. :)

The homemade frosting is to die for. I think everyone should just make the frosting, put it in a ziploc bag, cut the corner off and squeeze it in their mouth. Dinner is served! :) Hee. Hee.

Hope you enjoy the recipe at some point.