Saturday, July 19, 2008

born on the fourth of july

Welcome to the world little S! This little guy arrived a few weeks early to surprise everyone on the fourth of July. Can't say enough good things about this family. They are the nicest and most outgoing people you'll ever care to meet. They always make everyone feel at home.

Little Miss L...she did such a good job. Such a big transition for her. I have no doubt that she loves her little brother so much.

Well, hello! Aren't you just all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed?! Actually... he slept more than most newborns I've photographed!

Three generations of S! So cool to capture that and have forever.

Proud grandparents who can tell you the smallest details about all of their grandchildren. How's that for love?
Mr Smiley. I was able to capture several of his pre-smile smiles because he had so many.

I love this image because it sings to me..."I'm free! I'm free!"

I always ask moms if they have any special images they want to capture and they come up with the best ideas. The one above is S in his mom's belly cast that she had done during her pregnancy.

He slept right through the put-you-in-a-bowl-and-set-you-on-a-table manuever. Such a sweetie pie.

I love my mommy. :)

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mama j said...

These are INCREDIBLE! The flag one captures it all--love them B!!! Can't wait to see what magic you do w/ C!