Sunday, March 02, 2008

more of 8 days new

So many wonderful images from this session. I had a hard time choosing just one or two. So, here's a whole bunch!

As usual for me, this little guy stayed awake the majority of the time. I must have some weird vibe that keeps newborns awake because almost every mom says, "That's so weird, he/she never stays awake this long." But, I suppose if somebody took me out of my comfy bed and placed me in sunlight I wouldn't feel like sleeping either! :>)

Wide awake and checking things out.

Big sister was sick so she couldn't be in on most of the action.

I call this one "The Look" This look says to me, "Hey lady! Let me go back to sleep will ya'!"

At eight days old this little guy was holding up his head and looking around. It was amazing. So strong.

Ahhh, sleep at last...

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