Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What Color Is This?

This is the awesome color of K2's walls. The absolute perfect backdrop for Pumpkin Portraits! I usually hang a backdrop, but this is just too perfect to pass up. Karen suggested it last year, but I already had my mind set on the way the whole set would look. This year I want to try something different. So here we go! So excited!

This is the cute jacket I found for Carter's pumpkin portraits. I picked it up at JCPenney fr the grand total of $15.74. Can't beat that! It came with a maroon shirt with a hood, but I wanted to see what it would look like with a white shirt. Oh, and by the way, his payment for letting me take this image was a little tiny piece of gum. :>) Which he promptly swallowed. :>)

If you haven't signed up yet, make sure to call K2 at 926-1744 to reserve a session. Don't wait too long or that perfect time slot for your child's schedule may be taken.

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