Friday, May 25, 2007

So tiny

Love to take pictures of this family! They just added another redhead to the bunch, 3.5 weeks early! She is so tiny...yet so strong. Amazing little girl. Her parents adore her and so do her big sisters. It was sweet to see them interact with her. I had a hard time choosing my favorites so there are several for mom to look at. Enjoy! She's adorable. :>)

The shot below is a la Audrey Woulard. Her work is so inspiring.

Look what the Easter bunny left behind. :>)

Being a redhead myself, I am totally partial to this family of reds. Just beautiful.

The image below gives you some idea of how small she really is with Dad's hands holding her.


mama j said...

Beth-these are some of the MOST PHENOMINAL baby photos I've EVER seen!! What a beauty!!! And you know me, I'm partial to reds too!

Chantua said...

Bubba looks so adorable, thankyou for sharing these.